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Timeline 1862

A Forge Book
Hardcover August 2002
ISBN 0-312-87614-9
A Forge Book
Paperback July 2003
ISBN 0-812-56573-8
"...while we defend our rights with our strong arms and honest hearts, those we meet in battle may also have hearts as brave and honest as our own."

--Albert Miller Lea

GALVESTON Catalog copy:

The lastest Far Western Civil War novel by the author of critically acclaimed GLORIETA PASS and THE GUNS OF VALVERDE

The Battle of Valverde is over, and Jamie Russell, now a Confederate war hero, returns home to his family. Jamie's sister Emma has been shattered by the death of her true love at Valverde. Worried about their daughter, Jamie's parents convince him to escort Emma to Galveston. Emma will have a chance to escape her monotonous life on the ranch, become a lady, and perhaps leave the memory of death behind her.

Jamie soon discovers that Galveston lacks the defenses it needs to ward off a Union naval attack. Troubled by leaving his sister and aunt in a place susceptible to Union takeover, Jamie returns to his unit and begs with Confederate officers to have Galveston's defenses strengthened. His pleas fall on deaf ears. Union warships arrive in Galveston Bay, taking it for the Federals and confirming Jamie's worst fears. Now Jamie must travel back to Galveston in a secret Confederate operation to reclaim the city and rescue his family.

"Lively, compelling historical fiction."

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GALVESTON Hardcover dust jacket text :

P.G. Nagle, one of the most knowledgeable and literate authors writing fiction about the Civil War today, returns with a novel about one of the most important conflicts in the Trans-Mississippi Civil War: the Battle of Galveston.
    July, 1862: The battle of Valverde is over, and Jamie Russell, now a proven Confederate war hero, returns home. But duty to the Confederacy does not give him much time away from training and the battlefield. Shortly after granting his parents' wish that he escort his sister Emma to the island city of Galveston, Texas, where she is to reside with her aunt, Jamie reports back for duty with the Valverde Battery.
    But horrifying news mars his return to base camp. The Union Navy has captured the city of Galveston, and their prize warship, the Harriet Lane, threatens the city's residents and businesses from Galveston Bay. The loss of this important seaport is not only a devastating blow for the South, but could give the Federals a base for invading all of Texas.
    Concerned about his family and infuriated with the war, Jamie rushes to Galveston, slipping into the city to try to save his aunt and sister, but he is soon drawn into the larger Confederate effort to retake the Island City. Reunited with his old regiment, he becomes part of the army commanded by the flamboyant General Magruder. A daring combined assault of ground and naval forces is devised, and the stage is set for a battle whose outcome will decide not only the fate of Galveston, but of Jamie's beloved aunt and sister as well.
    Interweaving intense action with the personal trails and moral struggles of the Civil War, Galveston is a vivid portrayal of life at an extraordinarily volatile moment in American history.